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Vitality TK Health

Vitality TK Health takes an innovative and integrative approach in meeting your unique health and wellness goals. We provide our clients with various options to manage their overall wellness helping them feel healthier and stronger. Our board certified medical professional is currently providing services throughout New York including Long Island, Garden City, and Surrounding Areas. For your convenience we are providing virtual visits via telemedicine so you can connect with us in the privacy and comfort of your home.

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What We Offer

Male Hormones

Hormones can affect many physical and psychological aspects of your overall health. Low testosterone occurs for various reasons including age, medical conditions, and sedentary lifestyle, which can have a significant impact on your everyday life and well-being. We offer Hormone Replacement Therapy for men, so you can take back your Vitality. Optimize your health with Vitality.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) is a supplemental treatment that relieves symptoms of low testosterone in men. Symptoms occur in men as early as age 30 to 50. Now more than ever millions of men are suffering from this hormonal imbalance, many won’t even realize they have low testosterone, and even less seek treatment. Our goal is to give you the right treatment to improve your quality of life. Optimize your health with Vitality.

Medical Weight Loss

We offer a medically safe and supervised weight loss program with an FDA approved injection called Semaglutide, also sold and known as Wegovy, as well as Tirzepatide which is known as Mounjaro. It is a once a week injection that helps in suppressing your appetite, which in turn aids in weight loss, and has many more health benefits. An injection might sound scary but do not worry, it is painless being that it is injected into the fatty area instead of the muscle, and it is only once a week. Call us for more information and Optimize Your Health With Vitality.

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Medical Services

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Medical Weight Loss

Urgent Care Visits


Meet Our Provider

Bhupinder "Tina" Kaur, FNP-BC

Tina Kaur FNP-BC is an ANCC board certified Family Nurse Practitioner. Tina specializes in treating acute and chronic illnesses, with a special interest in preventative care, and educating individuals on lifestyle modifications to ensure a healthy living. She takes pride in offering evidence-based care and takes a holistic approach to meet every individual’s needs and goals. She also offers empathic, and collaborative care to achieve optimal health outcomes. Tina is a native New Yorker with over 12 years of experience in the healthcare field providing compassionate care to patients, and now she is expanding her services to help you.

At Present We Are Also Providing Telemedicine Virtual Visits

We do not accept health insurance. We accept all major credit cards, and HSA/FSA. We do provide affordable fees and membership prices for your convenience.